Events of 2005 Events of 2005

I was already keeping a list of important events that happened in 2005 in a Word Document, so when I go to make my 2005 scrapbook I have everything there (I like to make an index/calendar page at the beginning of the scrapbook). I thought since I was doing one anyway, I should put one up on the website as well! My goal is to include pictures from the events I can as well.

8th - Kirsten's return from her trip to Sydney
The Sydney Opera House by night
22nd - Lunch at Lone Star with Paul and Dad
24th - Kirsten begins her 4th year of teaching - Year 4 this year at Collingwood Park State School

12th & 13th - We used our Fly Buys points to book a night's stay in Rydges Oasis Resort, Caloundra. See more about our trip here.
Kirsten at the beach at the Sunshine Coast

5th - BBQ with Jules, Dan, Geoff, Daniel, Paula and Vi. We found out Jules was pregnant! Check out her blog all about her pregnancy here. Alternatively, you could read Dan's side of the story here. (Or you could just read both!)
26th - We went bushwalking for the day at Springbrook, then stayed at Jules and Dan's place. See more about our trip to Springbrook here.
Matt in Springbrook

27th - More bushwalking - this time at Brisbane Forest Park with Jules and Dan.
28th - Kirsten's cousin Peter and his wife Joanne celebrate the arrival of their third child, Sampson. He was 9 pound, 3 1/2 ouces, and born at 3:28pm.
Peter, Joanne and 5 day old baby Sampson

2nd - Our engagement party. See more about this here.
Us at our engagement party

8th - Kirsten went to see "A Thousand and One Nights" performed by the Queensland Ballet. This was an early birthday present from Mum. Thanks, mum!
13th - Mum's and Aunty Debbie's birthday. We hope you both had a fantastic day!
29th - Kirsten's birthday (25!)
30th - Kirsten's birthday party at Blu Grotto. We had a fantastic time, and thank you to all who came!

All of us at Blu Grotto at K's B'day


7th & 8th - We visted Jules and Dan and had a lovely dinner there, and the next day, dropped them at the airport for their trip to Fiji!
13th - Trina's 25th birthday - welcome to the quarter of a century club!
16th - Matt left for a conference in Sydney, his first trip there! Kirsten picked Jules & Dan up from the airport on their way home from Fiji & had dinner with them.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge as seen from Matt's hotel room
The Sydney Harbour Bridge as seen from Matt's hotel room!!

17th - Matt spent the day at a conference in Sydney. Kirsten picked him up from the airport that night.
18th/19th - OK technically this was the 19th but it didn't feel like it - We went to the midnight screening of Star Wars Episode III. As you can imagine, Matt was rather excited!
20th - 22nd - Kirsten went to scrapbooking camp at Toowoomba. She scrapbooked into the wee hours of Friday night, got up early on Saturday to do it all again, and then got up early on Sunday for *more* scrapbooking. She got 10 pages done.

the scrapping room at scrapbooking camp
The Scrapping room at Scrapbooking camp. It was a bit crowded but it was a lot of fun! You can almost feel the creativity flowing through the room!


4th - Matt's Star Wars birthday party. After all that effort put into costumes, it was all worth it! Everyone looked great and had a fantastic time!

Matt spent a lot of time and effort creating a page dedicated to his Star Wars birthday party. Please check it out and leave a comment on our main page!

Matt's Star Wars birthday party picture
Jules (Leia), Dan (Han Solo), Nat (Leia), Daniel (Luke Skywalker), Matt (Anakin Skywalker), Kirsten (Padme Amidala) and Geoff (Obi-Wan Kenobi) at Matt's Star wars themed birthday party

7th - Matt's actual birthday - he is 27 this year!


15th - Trivia night at Kirsten's school - we got second place, which we were very surprised and impressed about! Thank you to all of you who came along and helped us win!
16th - Harry Potter 6 (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) came out. Of course we had to go down to Carindale and get it straight away :) We went to a nearby park and spent the whole day reading it!

31st - We spent the day at Southbank, at the movies and the art gallery there. Couldn't resist a picture of the beautiful bogainvillea!


7th - We spent the day at Roma Street Parklands. We brought a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine, wandered around for a while, then sat under a tree and ate, talked and read our books. It was a really lovely day and great spending time together!


14th - We paid off our car!!! Yay!!! One more hurdle crossed off on the way to a wedding and a house...
24th - We went to Bowen Park and New Farm Park to scope out some wedding locations - haven't made a decision yet really but we are leaning towards New Farm Park.
27th - Kirsten's friend from work Nicole gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Angus Jack Johns.

29th - One year until our wedding!!! (Well, if all goes to plan anyway).


14th - Our good friends Jules and Dan welcomed into the world their own little bundle of joy - Andrew James Beckitt, born at 5:01am weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces. And he is absolutely gorgeous!

beautiful Andrew with his Mummy and Daddy

28th-30th - We celebrated 6 years together with a weekend away. It was absolutely wonderful! You can read about it and see some pictures here.


5th - Matt had his final exam, and so completed his IT degree at QUT!
27th - Kirsten picked up her wedding ring!!
29th - Kirsten took the kids from school on an Excursion to Movie World. They all had a great time!


9th - Paula's birthday! We went out for drinks at Dicey Reilly's at Garden City. Also, this was the last day of school for the year. WooHoo!!
10th - Christmas Day. Well, not really. But because Christmas would be in Hobart this year, we celebrated Christmas with Kirsten's family early. We exchanged presents and had Christmas dinner and everything, it was fantastic!
17th - We left for our holiday in Tasmania. Which you can read all about here because there is a lot to tell! Please check it out it took me ages to write!!