Engagement Party Engagement Party

We got engaged on the 26th of November last year. Those of you who were at the party would have heard the story already, as we put it on a powerpoint presentation on the night. Those of you who don't know the story can ask us sometime, as it is a bit long to put on here!

We were both really looking forward to celebrating such a special occasion with friends and family, but it took us a while to get around to planning a party, so we ended up having our party on Saturday the 2nd of April this year.

We both had a wonderful time!

The most often asked question we got on the night was "when is the wedding?" or "have you set a date?". Mostly the answer we gave was "when we can afford it!" but we have since narrowed it down slightly. We have decided that September 2007 would be a good time to get married. Of course if we win the Lotto it could always be brought forward!

A big thank you to Dad, Denise and especially Annette for taking photos for us. I was much too busy to take photos myself! Annette even went to the trouble of creating a beautiful slideshow of our photos set to music. Thank you!!!

Without further ado, here are the photos!

The gang's all here! Well, at least those of you who stayed long enough to be in this photo!

Matt working hard at the BBQ - and Dan looking pretty happy about holding two beers!

The girls from Collingwood Park - Nicole, Robyn, Kirsten & Denise

Jules, Vi and Paula chatting in the kitchen
Joanne, Peter, and 5-day old baby Sampson
Steven & Paul
The fun part - opening presents!
This is the awesome picnic hamper Denise & Mark got us
Cool serving trays from Steven & Michelle
A handy casserole dish from Robyn (have already used this a lot!)
A great cheese board from Annette...
Reading engagement cards :)
A table runner and placemats from Mum...
A Bunnings gift card from Helen, Rodney & Kids. We also got a David Jones and some Myer Gift Vouchers. We bought a set of Global knives with the Myer ones, and haven't decided what to spend the others on yet.
Another cool serving tray - we really will be set next time we have a party (probably could have used them a few hours earlier, too!)
An ice-cream maker from Paula and Vi. I have tested this out already and made vanilla icecream with pistachios and lindt chocolate... mmmm...
A fantastic 1997 bottle of red from Nat... we are saving this for a special occasion!

The photographer made us do it... :)

The happy couple.. yep, that's us!
Robyn, Jason and Nicole
Nicole, Denise & Mark
Nat, Geoff, Dan & Daniel
This horrible photo is of me rushing around like a chook with its head off trying to get food around to everyone. I look horrible in it but I put it on here as a reminder not to try to do so much next time!
Yes, we are happy! :)


Once again, thanks to everyone who came, it really was having everyone there that made the night so special! Thank you also for the lovely gifts - we don't have photos of them all but we really appreciated everything.

We can't wait for the wedding! (Especially Kirsten! :) )